The Aging Affect

May 28, 2018

I feel like I have officially crossed over into old age. For the past few months staying up past 9pm has been a major struggle. I’ve no idea whats happened. Those night time hours from about 8pm (once the boys were tucked into bed and fast asleep) have for the past almost 6 yrs been my hours to tackle everything that was just impossible to get done during civilized daylight hours due to my day being fully hijacked by the wants, needs, and schedules of 2 little boys. But once their little heads hit those pillows at night, it was “go time!” for me. I was a production machine. Yes, I was often tired and drained from the days spent in the trenches of motherhood, but sh*t needed to get done and if my days of dealing with newborns had thought me anything, its that I was fully capable of functioning on minutes of sleep pieced together to total maybe 2 – 3 hours a night. So riding the wave of my second wind, I got busy and stayed busy from about 8pm until anywhere between midnight and 1am, depending on what needed to get done that day or what I needed a head start on for the next day. Nowadays however, anything I haven’t accomplished by the time the boys go to bed, stays unaccomplished. Cos come 9pm, my brain and my body goes into shut down mode. We’re talking SHUT. DOWN. Like I just took a tranquilizer to the arse shut down. I’m literally a production nightmare these past few months. And while it is causing me some stress and has me existing with that horrible feeling like I’m constantly playing catch up on life, once 9pm comes and the fatigue strikes, all I care about is getting to my bed. I was sure it was something that would pass, sort itself out after a few early nights and some new vitamins to supplement my diet. But like I said, we’re a few months into it now and the pattern remains the same. Which leads me to believe the only thing it could possibly be, is aging.

Or maybe it might be things like taking not just your own 2 high energy kids to the aquarium, but your 2 high energy kids + 2 of their equally high energy friends. Now that right there is like taking on a marathon, sprinting. To be fair, they were all well behaved, with only a few mini heart attack moments. But we picked a good day to visit. It wasn’t too busy and there were several opportunities for running to keep them happy. This is Keane and his buddy Eli.

Cullen and his bestie, Henry.

The joy of spotting a poster for the aquarium, on your way to the aquarium.

And yes, after getting our tickets we were those people who did the cheesy fake backdrop photo booth.

Then it was inside to see the real thing.

Mesmerized but the seahorses.

The giant manta ray.

Pause for a snack at a spot with the best ocean views. And 4 little boys in awe of these amazing sea creatures.

Great excitement when this blacktip shark came swimming past.

Waiting patiently for the rays to swim past and possibly get a touch. But it never happened. The rays stayed hiding in the seaweed.

But we did get to touch the star fish, some urchins and coral.

The lower bodies of the Beluga Whales. Their upper body was at the surface, waiting for their dinner.

Glasses on ready for the 4D shark show. Can anyone spot the odd one out??

A long but amazing day.

Heading to the car park I was wore out and tired from the long day. My camera was away and my focus was on getting to the car to go home. But we passed this bench with this penguin and Keane and Henry asked if I would take a photo. By the time I’d dug my camera out from the bottom of my bag, their motivation was gone. Hence the reason no-one is looking at me and Cullen can’t stop yawning.

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