Its A Wrap

May 23, 2018

A couple of final things happening this week, the most notable being the boys final day of school. Yes, its summer break time! And also Keane’s final baseball game of the season. This season has been a lot fun to watch. The kids are starting to have a real understanding of the game. No longer at they hitting from a tee. Balls are pitched to them from a pitching machine, so focusing on the ball and timing their swings has been a learning experience in hand-eye coordination. Every time each of the kids stepped up to bat, you wanted desperately for them to connect with the ball. To give them that feeling of an actual hit. When they did, it was pure excitement, in some cases, complete surprise. Out field there was a bigger hustle to run for the balls and throws were less random and more intentional and calculated. They now understand the goal is to tag bases and get the other team out. However, working together as a team, is still a bit of a work in progress. Plenty of moments with teammates rushing for the same ball and ending up in a slight tug-of-war for possession. But overall the team has had some pretty massive improvements. And because this is their 2nd season playing together, friendships and bonds are building, resulting in practices and games that are a lot more fun.

Game face.

Team mate David in focus mode too.

As is Bryson.

Abigail’s vision is locked on the batter of the other team.

Ground ball as she’s all over it.

Karina with the throw to 1st base.

Brittan’s even got the baseball slide going on.

The ladies in rush mode.

Cubs up to bat.

Us mom’s, always making sure to capture those memories.

Bryson at bat.

Safe at 1st base.

Next to bat, Keane.

Bryson on to 2nd.

Keane safe on 1st.


She too is safe to 1st base.

Keane hammers it on to 2nd.


Hannah at bat.

Keane on to 3rd.

David smiling his way through the game. Having the best time out there.

Keane makes it home.

Partaking in some baseball sign language to communicate something to someone.

Cubs back in outfield.

Staying focused for an entire game can be hard for a group of 5 yr olds.

Distractions happen easily.

But eventually, with some encouragement from coach, we have snapped back into the game.

Keane and David in a tug for the ball.

Honorary team member Cullen, gets to hangout in the dugout and he and David get chatting about all things shark.

Tired from a great game.

The line up for post-game high-5’s.

Snack time!

End of season dinner and trophy presentation.

Gifts for the coaches too.

Framed team photo signed by each of the kids.

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