This is It

May 10, 2018

This is it, we are 2 days away from the start of Ragnar Relay Cape Cod 2018. I know I said I’d chat a little more about this challenge a few blog posts back, but didn’t really get around to it and now, there’s no time cos I’m mid-pack, readying myself to fly to Massachusetts in the morning, where I will meet up with the other 11 members of our team. I’m so excited and absolutely terrified. The fear is mostly based on the unknown. Having never run a race like this before, its hard to know what to expect. Weather wise I’m preparing for everything. Long leggings and sleeves in case the weather is cold, shorts and sleeveless in case its warm. Rain jacket for, well, rain and reflective vest and head lamp cos I think one of my runs is scheduled for the wee hours of Saturday morning. Yep, its 36 hours to cover the almost 200 miles. Starting at 5am Friday morning, running all day and all through the night, to hopefully arrive at Provincetown, Cape Cod by lunch time Saturday. This is going to be tough, make no mistake. But I actually can’t wait to get going. Most of the people on my team I’ll be meeting for the first time, but theres nothing like a physical and mental challenge of this magnitude to instantly bond a bunch of strangers. So wish us luck and look out for a post-race report on the blog here next week.

The new generation of family adventurers and Keane’s friend Ella, who spent the day with us last Saturday.

This was my view of the kids most of the walk. Cullen, always trying to play catch up.

Oh look, an ant hill.

Managed to get ahead of them at one point.

Finally, a rest.

Oh yeah, Dexter was on the walk too.

A noise in the forest grabbed their attention. So obviously it needed exploring.

Cullen is concerned about ghosts.

An al fresco lunch cos the weather was so lovely.


Curious about the bee hives.

But also cautious.

Later Keane had a baseball game and Ella came to cheer.

Keane is bottom right, guarding 3rd base.

Cheer squad.

Keane at bat in the red helmet.

Great game.

Celebration hugs.

And off for post-game snack.

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