Waiting Impatiently

May 1, 2018

These waterboys are waiting impatiently for the lake temperatures to heat up. We’re only a few short weeks away but to them, its feeling like an eternity. Although there was no full on submersion (none unless you count Cullen slipping off the dock) for the boys maiden lake trip this past weekend. There was the consolation activities of fishing and kayaking that went a short way to temporarily satisfying their adventurous aquatic needs.

That look you give your brother when he secures himself the first go in the kayak.

Said brother all smug as he loads himself in.

When you’re pissed and you just can’t hide it.

Daddy & Keane, off they go.

Cullen passes the time terrorizing the fish.

Here comes Daddy, but Keane appears to be missing.

Found him!

Finally, Cullen’s turn.

Never let it be said that these boys are not triers. Cullen has the swim suit on and is optimistic about getting in for a swim.

Oh yeah, its cold.

“But feck it, bring me my goggles Keane, I’m getting in.”

“Never mind, come over here Daddy and lets take this kayak for another spin.”

Keane off on the hunt for turtles.

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