Greenish Fingers

April 25, 2018

I’ve always liked the idea of growing things, fancying myself to be a bit of a gardener/farmer type, just never actually did anything about it. As it turns out, if you want to grow stuff, you have to plant stuff. Pretty vegitation doesn’t just suddenly grow all by itself (that would be weeds) cos you had a wonderful idea, work has to be done to make it happen.  On top of the humans, animals and reptiles I’m responsible for keeping alive each and every day, the realization that plants would be yet another thing I’d be expected to preserve the life of, became too exhausting and made me just want to lay down and take a nap. So my ideas remained shelved, to be dusted off and executed at a later date. Possibly with the departure of the kids to college. But damn it if these kids never give you a second to get complacent. Leave it to them to come home from school, tell us about all the work they’ve been doing at their class garden and announce that they now want to plant flowers and grow vegetables in their own garden, at home. Not wanting to be the parents that don’t support their goals and ambitions, we of course tell them that it sounds like an amazing idea.

Last week we started off small, with a visit to the nursery to pick out some mini roses the boys thought would make a nice addition to the front of house landscaping.

As soon as we got home Keane changed and got busy picking the perfect spot to plant his mini red rose.

Mastering the full size tools.

Ta-Dah! Perfect!

Cullen picked out a mini rose too, but he didn’t feel the same sense of urgency as Keane to get his planted. “I will plant mine tomorrow momma.” Cullen’s current philosophy on life is, “Why do today, what can be done tomorrow. Or not.”

Instead he chose to play in the fountain with his sea creatures.

But surprise surprise, tomorrow arrived and he did take his flower out for planting.

The responsible child that he is, while Cullen got to work planting, Keane made sure to keep his flower hydrated.

Keane advises Cullen to add a trench, otherwise when he waters the flower, water will spill out onto the path. His advice comes from experience with his own flower.

The watering struggle.


Keane inspects the effort.

So Cullen in turn inspects Keane’s.

Keane showing Cullen where he had to add his own trench.

And now some random play in the quarry. There’s little Tinsel, sitting in close proximity to the action, makes her feel like she’s contributing.

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