The Randomness of Spring

April 11, 2018

With literally hit the ground running upon arrival in Massachusetts. It was Easter Sunday, there was an egg hunt scheduled and our cousins Paul and James had waited, patiently, all day for Keane and Cullen to arrive. Within minutes of us pulling into their driveway, they were armed with bags, racing through the back garden and surrounding forest for Easter Bunny egg scatterings. And there were loads.

On your marks, get set, hunt!!

The only time you’ll see Cullen in full on ‘eye of the tiger” mode, is when there’s candy on the line.

With Cullen off on a hunting frenzy, the other boys take a more leisurely approach.

James has caught up and teamed up with Cullen.


Keane on the gathering trail.

Paul finds a rare and interesting egg.

Keane with another jackpot! egg find.

Jackpot! egg for Paul too.

James the hunt director.

The older boys do one last sweep of the area to ensure no egg got overlooked.

Easter Egg Hunt Group Photo!

Inside to crack open these babies.

The next morning we woke to find a cheeky little snow storm had blown into town. Spring in Massachusetts can be very random, so we arrived prepared, with all of our snow clothes.

Keane excited to zip-line in the snow.

Cullen pretended he didn’t want to zip-line, but we made him and he loved it.

Unfortunately Paul & James did not have Spring Break, so while they spent their day in school, we spent ours running wild in the snow storm.

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