Access Denied

February 24, 2011

My plan was to bring my blogging consistency back to the level of frequency it use to enjoy, but as you can see, that didn’t really pan out. Don’t ask me why, but of all the countries I’ve ever had the pleasure of traveling, England is by far the most challenging when it comes to accessing the internet. It blows my mind. I know I’ve blogged my frustrations about this matter before, so let me save you all a deja-vu ear-full and simply move on to the job I was there to do, which was pace the women’s 1500m. Happily, all went well there. In fact, it went better then well, it went worlds fastest time well. Not by me obviously, by the winner. And the rest of the athletes in the field all ended up with either personal bests (PB), national records (NR) or both. A job well done if I do say so myself. And if your interested in checking out the race in its fullest, CLICK RIGHT HERE

Having completed my pace-making duties in Birmingham, I then took the train into London so I could spend a couple of days with a very special man. My almost 2 year old nephew, Evan. In January of this year my brother and his family moved to London and since I’d flown all the way from Atlanta and was practically in the neighborhood, it only made sense that I impose on them a little to see how they were settling into their new lives.

During my stay Evan decided I should be given a tour of his local park. Never mind that it was cold, wet and grey’er than I ever knew a day could be, to him, this was a place that should not be missed. So with a little bundling and a positive outlook, my brother and I took Evan’s tour of the park.

My brother Edward and our little tour guide, Evan.

Evan’s “follow me” face.


A little wave for all his grandparents back in Ireland.

A chip off the old block

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  1. Diane says:

    He is so absolutely adorable!! Your parents must be going crazy not to have him close by anymore. I see alot of trips in the future.

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