Happy Easter!

April 1, 2018

Easter Sunday and we are out of here. The boys have their Spring Break week from school, so we jumped on a plane and headed to not so warmer parts. We’re in Massachusetts for the week. Hanging with cousins and taking a break from real life. Before we left we spent our Easter Saturday decorating eggs with Keane’s friend, Ella. And let me just say, I was so glad it was a warm sunny day cos this project was all kinds of a sloppy mess, exactly what I’d expected it to be. But a sunny day means you can take that mess outside. Once egg decorating was complete, Keane and Ella decided they were packing up and heading off on their own adventure. The adventure was camping under a bush in a remote part of our garden. And we let them. They did find the perfect tent like bush, set up camp and enjoyed a few snacks in their new accommodations. But the bugs, the approaching dusk and the fear of darkness and suddenly they talked about maybe doing it a different time. Keane’s “get out of camping card” was his announcement that he needed to pack for Massachusetts. And Ella’s was to blame her mom, “my mom probably wont’t let me”. Either way they both reassured each other that it was ok not to see this camping idea through to completion. But they would definitely do it again soon.

Egg decorating.

Bag packed, off on their camping expedition.

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