Season Opener

March 30, 2018

Yep, its all about baseball right now. Tis the season here in the US. And last week, on St. Patricks Day, Keane had his first game of the season. While the rest of us wore our green, for the day that was in it, Keane was required to wear his team shirt, his blue team shirt, that we peppered with a couple of badges of the shamrock, tri-colour nature, you know, for the day that was in it.

Pre-game warm up.

Stay hydrated kids.

To keep his sharks alive and happy, Cullen submerges them in small puddles.

Daddy is first base coach for the day.

Team mate Karyna, has her game face on.

As does team mate Abigail.

Last year, outside of batting, the kids had basically zero idea of what their roles were, especially outfield. This year however, they are starting to get a real understanding of the game.

Still a couple of these competing with our team mate moments.

No longer hitting from the tee, the balls are being pitched from the pitching machine.

Keane up to bat.

Thats him at bat, far right.


Off and running to first base.


Team mate Parker next to bat.

Good hit by Parker and Keane moves on.

Still haven’t managed to fully grow into the helmets.

Someone must have disturbed Cullen’s puddle, he looks pissed.

Back to outfield.

Cullen has a brief moment of participation.

We’re good sportsmen, and as good sportsmen we high-five the opposing team on a good run.

Game over. Spectacular performance by The Cubs.

The post game high-fives. Cullen loves this part of the game.

Off for snacks.

Not before we try scaling the fences.

Snack time!

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