Team Pride

March 26, 2018

I can’t say any of us were particularly thrilled when we realized Keane’s baseball opening day parade was happening at 8.00am, on what turned out to be a very cold and slightly windy Saturday morning. But 8.00am was the parade start time. 7.00am was actually the time the team was to gather, to prepare and decorate the truck that was to be their parade float. I won’t lie, it wasn’t ideal and after a long week of early morning starts, I was craving a bit of a lie in or at the least a nice slow, lazy’ish start to my weekend. But as a mother of school going and sport participating kids now, luxuries such weekends of the lazier kind are but a fantasy. So there we were, up and out the door by 6.30am, gathered alongside our teammates at the local community center by 7.00am, bundled up against the elements, fueling up on donuts and decorating our truck with all things blue and red to let the parade going crowd know that we are The Cubs!

Cullen always manages to find the food. #priorities

Keane and his teammate David with their oversized, personalized, baseball style badges.

Of course a shot with one of his best friends, Bryson.

Parade start time approaching, time to load up the kids. Honorary Cub for the day, Cullen takes his place on the team truck.

Team flag pride.

Joyous wave from Keane.

Final shot of the lads as the mommas head off down the street to find a good spot to watch the parade.

We had a pretty good viewing spot. If we were motivated to do so, we could have reached out and touched each of the passing trucks. Here come The Cubs.

They past by kind of fast but I managed to grab this shot of the boys as they scanned the crowd looking for us. See how I had them wear those fluorescent yellow gloves? An intentional move on my part, easier for me to spot them, therefore easier for me to grab a photo.

There they go.

Back at the fields and we’re preparing for the teams walk onto the field.

Quick group shot.

And this is only some of the teams in the league.

The Atlanta Braves Baseball team mascot showed up for entertainment and support.

From my viewing position outside of the field I spotted Keane, waving his personalized, oversized, baseball themed badge to let me know where he was and that he could see me.

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