Jolly Old England

February 18, 2011

I arrived to my hotel room resembling something from a Michael Jackson Thriller video. My limbs were ridged and my eyes struggling to stay open. On my overnight flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam to Birmingham, England, I didn’t sleep, not for one second. Don’t ask me why cos I was definitely tired, yet I found myself in a kung fu like grip of the big eye and while my fellow passengers slept and snored, I caught up on my reading and movie watching. Of course, 5 minutes before we landed in Amsterdam, I feel asleep. Typical and definitely not good. Between connecting flights and the drive from Birmingham airport to my hotel, I was still a good 4 hours away from my next opportunity to get any kind of shuteye. Torture. Once I did finally arrived at my room I collapsed like a wet corpse straight onto the bed, clothing still on, right on top of the bedspread. Now I’ve seen the documentary, or maybe I didn’t, maybe I just heard that you should never lie on hotel room bedspreads. Apparently, unlike the sheets, they rarely get changed and are a petri-dish of all things gross. But I was too tired to care or move and I figured as long as I didn’t put it in my mouth, I’d be guaranteed to survive my nap.

But what am I doing in Birmingham, England I hear you yell. Why pace-making of course, the women’s 1500m at the Aviva Indoor Grand Prix. The meet kicks off tomorrow afternoon and my mission between now and the start of the race? Sleep. Lots of it.

And we all know blogs are much more interesting with photos, but unfortunately I slept all afternoon so it was dark and cold by the time I took a stroll out onto the Birmingham streets, so I didn’t really feel the urge to wander too far. I have no idea what this little monument is, but it was light up real pretty.

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