This has become an annual event for the boys. The Jurassic Exhibit comes to town the same time every year. We get our tickets and go. I think this is our 4th year. And sadly (but honestly, from my perspective, not too sad. These exhibits are only in town for a few days and as a result, can get very crowded and completely overwhelming) I believe this will be our last year. While the boys enjoyed the experience, they were completely underwhelmed. It was more of a visit of recognition, “Yep, theres the T-Rex we remember”. “See, they still have the dinosaur rides & the fossil digging.” The play area with all of its various dino themed bouncy houses gave them the most joy. Well, that and the arrival of some baby dinosaurs to this years exhibit. Otherwise, it was a business and usually experience.

Greeted upon arrival by Giganotosaurus.

A prehistoric bar brawl.

One dino loving 4 year old.

Its not really a hands on type of exhibit, but I pretended not to notice and really, wheres the proof?

Cullen vs Mosasaurus.

Dino ridin time!

Always a fan of the fossil digging.

Keane working hard on the bungee run.

Only to end up yanked backwards everytime.

Wahoo! Back on the feet, ready to go again.


Waiting impatiently for the baby dinos.

Baby triceratops.

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