I hate to share this post cos it features sunshine. And right now all of my family and friends back in Ireland are getting blitzed by “The Beast from the East”. “The Beast” being the biggest snowstorm to hit the country since 1982 apparently. Life right now is on hold as schools and businesses close, freeing up the general population to get out onto the snowy streets and fields and enjoy themselves some snow related activities. But based on a text from my Dad earlier today, not everyone views the situation and opportunity for some snow play in the same positive light. Back on our side of the pond we are seeing more repeat sunny days. Spring is definitely coming. The boys have just returned to school from their Winter break week, which honestly, with all of the snow days they had back in December and January, it felt like they’d already had a Winter break. But a week off it was and on one of those days we hit up one of their favorite museums, The Fernbank. For extra fun Cullen brought along his best friend Henry.

This guy, there to greet all the arriving visitors.

All 3 of these boys love dinosaurs.

Too nice to stay inside, off to the Woodland Trails.

Lots of these branched houses to explore.

Cullen, not sure this plant is the real deal. Turns out his suspicions were correct, it was in fact a fraud.

Trekking dinosaur footprints.

Both excited and terrified at the idea of actually coming across one of these extinct creatures.

Keane believes he’s found claw markings.

Always good to get to higher ground, easier surveillance.

3 little explorers.

Time for a rest.

Dinosaur hunt over. We head back for some playground fun.

Keane was constantly trying to make sure he kept himself in front of Cullen and Henry. He’s the oldest of the 3, so obviously all of the leading should be done by him.

Henry tried to be the first onto the rope bridge.

But Keane wasn’t having that.

A little jostling for position from the brothers.

Like little monkeys.

Trying to investigate a fake birds nest.

Got stuck and needed to be rescued by momma.

As you can tell, we don’t pay much attention to signage.

One of the reasons Cullen and Henry are besties? They’re both obsessed with sharks.

An original piece as performed by Keane.

Group shot to end a fun day.

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