On Our Bikes

February 25, 2018

Hooray for the sun. Its been so long, we missed you. Bye to the rain, for now. Taking full advantage we took ourselves off on a biking adventure. Well, they biked, I ran to keep up, all the time reminding an easily distracted 4 yr old (Cullen), in the early stages of learning to bike ride, to keep looking ahead and stop steering into the mud. I said it so often he just became immune to momma and her annoying white noise of instructions. So he continued with his own plan of constantly looking around, veering into the path of others and steering a course aimed directly towards the mud. As you can imagine, we were not very popular with the other more “serious” Armstrong’esque bikers on the trail. But did we care?? Not one bit.

Someone’s excited for his first bike ride.

Initial concentration was good.

But now we are all kinds of distracted.

Keane’s a big boy now, so he was busy doing his own biking thing. But he made sure to keep coming back to check on Cullen’s progress and give him lots of encouragement.

Taking on the hill.

Patiently waiting for us to catch up.

Dismounting for a bike break.

Pause to take in the view of the busy road below.

Checking for passing Armstrong’s.

Back on the bike, headed for home.

Cullen feeling really good about his first bike adventure. Keane feeling very mature giving Cullen lots of encouragement.

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