A Break In The Clouds

February 22, 2018

Praise the heavens for the clouds have parted and the rain has stopped. Hurry, grab the kids, grab the dogs and lets get outside before mother nature changes her mind. Funny enough, that very afternoon mother nature did change her mind, the rain reappeared but we didn’t care. For we were the smug early birds that got up and out and basked in the day’s limited hours of sunshine.

Delegating the dog walking duties. Also, let me take this opportunity to introduce you to our latest foster. That cute little beagle Cullen is walking, is Tinsel. We took Tinsel on as a foster the day after Christmas, hence the reason we gave her such a festive name. Tinsel was in bad shape, but in the 2 months she’s been with us, she has done amazing.

Good old Dexter. The sweetest dog EVER.

Not long before both leashes were handed back to me so these little boys could head off on their own adventure.

Be it a puddle, a stream, a lake or an ocean, theses boys are just incapable of walking past a body of water.

Keane taking his stick throwing game seriously. Perhaps some Highland Games in our future.

Snack break, always.

If its not water their splashing in, its rocks their climbing on.

I didn’t realize until I posted this photo that it looks like Cullen is taking a pee break, but he’s actually not.

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