Love Is Work

February 14, 2011

We’re not exactly your mushy mushy type of couple. I don’t expect my car to be stuffed full of helium heart shaped balloons (trust me, I actually saw a vehicle fit this description in traffic this morning) or roses to be delivered to my place of work on the hour, ever hour just cos its Valentines Day. Things can be crazy enough for both The Husband and I, so the opportunity to lock down a weekend where we are both in the same place at the same time, is gift enough. And this past weekend we pulled it off. True it was completely coincidentally that it fell exactly on the weekend of Valentines Day, but we’ll quickly dust over that tiny technicality and pretend we both have the precision and timing skills of a NASA engineer when it comes to organizing our life schedules ( I wish). And what did we do with our weekend of togetherness? Why we did what any couple in love does. We took the doggies for a morning run. Made a monster breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast, which gave us enough energy and muscle power to finish painting the bathroom vanity, drill the missing handles onto the kitchen cabinetry, remove the sloppy sheet-rocking splashes from the downstairs bathtub complements of the work of some sloppy sheet-rockers and assembled both sets of office furniture. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we where your quintessential soppy and romantic Hollywood chick flick couple all weekend long. Don’t be jealous. Ladies, play your cards right and this time next year, this could be you.

This morning however, The Husband did take a small step into soppy when he got me roses. Hmmm, maybe there’s a small chance we could be the mushy mushy couple after all, but I doubt it. Happy Valentines Day everyone.

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