Happy 4th Birthday Cullen

February 13, 2018

There are officially no babies in the house. This past weekend Cullen crossed the threshold from toddler to small boy. Not really sure if a 3 year old is still technically a toddler, but it suited me, a mother who can’t fully grasp the notion of her kids growing up, to believe it was. I mean, 4 short years ago all there was was babies in the house. Now I have 2 little boys, with personalities and interests as different as different can be.

Since turning  4 a few days ago, Cullen wakes up every morning and asks, “am I still 4 momma?“. He has been wishing and talking about this day since before Christmas, and now, he can’t believe its finally happened. I can hardly believe it myself. Shortly before his birthday, Cullen ended his 2 year obsession with trucks. Literally over night trucks were replaced by sea creatures, sharks and anglerfish to be exact. Thats all we play with, thats all we read about. Our conversations revolve around ocean creatures, especially the predator kind, and our screen time favors heavily David Attenborough’s Blue Planet. His knowledge is deep and vocabulary on the topic is downright impressive. Outside of wrestling with his big brother, swim class, gymnastics and ice hockey are Cullen’s favorite activities. Having a big brother also meant that Cullen inherited a network of friends, now however, he has started making his own friends, separate from his brothers. His personality remains for the most part unchanged. He doesn’t trust easily, he’s stubborn and determined in what he wants, but more importantly, what he doesn’t want. As a mother I try to walk that fine line of encouraging him to try things outside of his comfort zone, without being pushy. He’s smart, cheeky and funny, although most of the things that make him laugh theses days involve talking about farts and poop. His favorite food is anything with cheese and chocolate. Since he was 5 months old Cullen has had a special sleep pillow, it comes everywhere, without it sleep cannot happen. Adjustment to school was challenging for Cullen. The whole idea of being anywhere without momma, was too hard to bare. These days however, he bounces out of the car, forgets to wave goodbye as he rushes to catch up to his friends. His zero eff’s approach to life is never more evident then when I pick him and Keane up from school. Keane stands at the pick up point, shoes on, laces tied, backpack in hand, jacket full zipped. Cullen on the other hand races to the gate just as I’m pulling up, shoes untied and usually on the wrong feet. Jacket is on but upside down. Yes, upside down, the hood bouncing off the back of his legs as he runs. On a good day he’s dragging his backpack with him, but most days he’s racing back into the classroom cos he forgot his backpack. The whole scene never fails to make me giggle. The list of things on all things Cullen is endless. But in the interest of wrapping things up, I’ll end it all right here by saying “Happy Birthday” to our youngest boy, Cullen. Life without you, unimaginable.

Every year I take photos of the boys on their birthday. This year it rained most of the day of his birthday, there was a short window of an hour or 2 late in the afternoon when the rain stopped. So we raced outside to grab these few shots.

A quick demonstration from Keane on the 4-finger pose.

A shark and anglerfish themed party for the birthday boy.

Cullen was very motivated to help set up the cake and cupcakes.

The reward for helping with the set up was a shared cupcake.

This year we decided to have Cullen’s party at The Husband’s gym. Which given the horrible rainy day, worked out perfectly. A bounce house and bounce slide for added fun.

Excited to see the bounce things have arrived.

Shoes off in readiness to test drive the bounce house.

Integrating the gym equipment to the party fun.

Inflation complete.

The friends have started to arrive. Now the fun really begins.

Time for food and cake. Cullen and his friend Christopher stop to admire the dessert table.

Candle time.

Refueled on pizza and sugar, its back to the action.

Enjoying some of his gifts.

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