Memory Keeper Catch Up

January 31, 2018

I’ve never been the type of mother that was able to keep baby books for my kids. Yes, I bought one when I found out I was pregnant with Keane. My plan was to write in it regularly. Document all of the check ups, glue the sonogram photos into the designated windows on the the appropriate pages. Chronicle the story of his arrival into the world and all of his various milestones that first year of his life. Like the first time he rolled over, sat up, first word, steps, first haircut with accompanying small clump of baby hair sealed safely in the tiny envelop provided. But guess what, I did none of it. His baby book is blank. Don’t get me wrong, I still have the sonogram photos, they reside in a draw in my closet. I have a small lock of his hair from that first hair cut, thats in the night-stand next to my bed. I have all these special and important things, they’re just not organized or presented perfectly in the pretty baby book I bought, over 5 years ago.

It use to really bother me that I failed at keeping such an important log of the very beginning of each of my kids existence. That somehow I’d missed out on providing them with that ever important first piece of the puzzle that is their life. Then I realized, I absolutely do keep a diary, of sorts. My diary for them just happens to be of a visual nature. The photos I take serve as the story of their life. And at the end of each year, I put together an album, filled with photos of all of their milestones and all of their adventures. Well, at least I did for the first 2 years after Keane was born. Then Cullen arrived and, well, the struggle became real, time was limited, my exhaustion levels were always high, so photos sat on hard drives.

Fast forward to last week when the boys were thumbing through the 2012 & 2013 Family albums and Cullen kept asking “is that me when I was a baby momma?“. And I, shamed faced and riddled with guilt had to keep replying “no buddy, thats Keane. You weren’t born yet”. To which he said “wheres the book that I was born?“. To which I said, “momma is making it right now. It’ll be ready soon. In the mean time why don’t we pull up mommas blog and swipe through photos of you as a baby?”. He said “no thank you momma, I like the book“. And that right there was the kick in the arse this mother needed to get her shit together and start catching up on the 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 Family Albums. Shit, thats a lot of work right there. But I did it to myself. Now its time for this visual memory keeper to play catch up.

This week I’ve been working hard on putting together the 2014 Family Album. It should be finished and ready to order by the weekend, then I can move onto 2015. Below are just some screen shots from the album creation process. A little peak at some of the pages from the album that will at last include the part of the story when Cullen joined the family.

2 Responses to “Memory Keeper Catch Up”

  1. Barbara says:

    Hey. Love the idea of creating a yearly family album. I’ll have from 2013 to do but sounds like a really rewarding project. What programme are you using to create it? Love all your blogs. From a fellow Lilywhite.

  2. admin says:

    Hey Fellow Lilywhite,
    It really is a project, but definitely rewarding. I think it will become something I’ll be very glad I did, the older they get. The album company I use is is called Blurb, here is their website: They have album creation software called BookWright that you download directly from their site. But for something a little more straight forward I hear good things about Shutterfly ( and MPIX ( Both very user friendly in their album creation process. Also, just to add, I order 3 copies of each of the family albums. 1 is for my husband and I and the other 2 are so Keane and Cullen will each have their own collection of albums to keep and take with them when they’re all grown up.

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