Growing Up

February 8, 2018

Its been a pretty long week of adulting in the house this week. And if there’s one thing I can say about adulting, its exhausting and not at all fun (technically 2 things). We’ve had grown up/heated conversations with most of the scary professions this week. Accountants, bank managers, insurance scammers advisors and tax consultants. ¬†My brain is fried and I want nothing more to do with anything grown up. So over it all. Ironically, this weekend is all about growing up. Cullen is about to turn 4!! Saturday is his birthday, so Saturday we will party like a bunch of aging toddlers. Cullen is so excited. The countdown to his big day has felt long. He’s been talking about it since before Christmas. Now at last, the day is almost here. In between all of the adulting, I’ve been doing all the final preparations for his party. Cullen has been very specific about the type of birthday he wants, and was allowed to make all of the decisions. Now he’s seeing it all come together he’s literally bouncing off the walls with excitement. He can’t wait to celebrate with his friends.

Busy with other things this week, I didn’t pick up my camera, not once. But as I’m in the throws of playing catch up on our family albums, I came across these photos of the boys from their gymnastic class a couple of months ago that I never got around to sharing. Its from a presentation¬†evening, where the kids get to demonstrate for their parents, the various skills they’ve learned. And at the end of the presentation, medals for everyone.

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