Mental Health Break

January 26, 2018

After a long week of snow and freezing temperatures, and existing in a house that for the most part looked like it had been burgled and taken over by squatters, the boys celebrated the reappearance of the sun and its toastie snow melting rays with a scoot at one of the local parks. And let me tell you, we all needed this. Bunker style living is not easy. It wears on the nerves of everyone, but the change of scenery, the return to the great outdoors was the mental health break we all needed.

Safety is no accident kids, helmets on.

Cullen, a symbol of the joy we are all feeling.

Time to roll!

An avid scooter Keane took off faster than I could set my camera and lift it to my face, but still on a slight scooter learning curve, Cullen moved at a pace that gave enough time to shoot.

Determined joy.

The reappearance of Keane.

Chasing down his little brother.

Cullen tries so hard to keep up with his big brother, and there are definitely moments when he gets pissed of being constantly beaten (not physically of course) or lapped. But this day he was having too much fun to let it bother him.

One of these days, in the not so distance future, Cullen will close the gap and Keane will have some real competition on his hands.

Some patches of that stubborn, unwanted snow.

A break to make tracks and footprints at one of the baseball fields.

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