Water And Ice

January 23, 2018

A 7am game on the 3rd morning of the tournament meant a very early start to the day. But early starts are no bother to my 2, they have a standard wake up time of around 6am most days, weekdays AND weekends. The mere notion of sleeping a minute longer to give momma a shot at a tiny bit more rest, is just hilarious to them. So bright and early there we were, Team P.Doyle cheer squad.

Today the team wore black.

This was a great game.

The boys hustled and played hard.

Something or someone appears to be blocking James view of the game.

Unfortunately it wasn’t a victory for Paul’s team this game. But we were very proud of how hard he and his teammates played.

The obligatory Doyle Boys group shot.

The perks of having a game so early in the morning meant we had plenty of time to get back to the hotel and play in the pool before starting our drive home to Georgia.

Whenever we travel anywhere with the boys, the one thing we have to make sure the place we stay has, is a pool.

A friendly game of some type of water football happening here.

James in catching action.

Full marks for spectacular catching.

Spotted, Cullen sneaking off for a dip in the hot-tub, or as he called it, the “hotdog”.

A random little Keane shark swimming past.

Out of the hot-tub and back in the pool.

Spotted, 2 boys sneaking off to the hot-tub.

Not wanting to be the bad guy, I let The Husband break the news to the boys that it was time to get out.

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