Take To The Ice

January 14, 2018

The Massachusetts thread of their genetic make-up has surfaced. The boys have decided they want to try ice-hockey. But before we can hockey, we have to learn to skate. So last week skating 101 began. Funny enough, this was an activity Cullen showed particular excitement about. Usually a child of resistance, it was so refreshing not to have to battle him out of his comfort zone.

Up for anything and everything is Keane. Game face and all.


Checking in with the skate coach.

All listening attentively.

Now, time to get up on those skates.

We are vertical. High-five!

Cullen’s technique was more of a crawl to the barrier, then drag himselves up.

Different technique, but same result, we are on our feet.

Now to make it across the rink.

Opps, struggling slightly here.

A little help from coach.

Off we go.

Wahoo! They all made it.

Now, to get back.

Keane doing really well and in the total zone.

At times it looked like Cullen was enjoying the attention falling brought him.

Another successful rink crossing where Daddy and Grandma watched encouragingly.

A little friendly banter with our fellow skaters.

And would you look who’s skating solo, Cullen.


But back up.

Still nailing it.

Yay! for a great first lesson. Tired, but happy.

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