The FedEx Christmas

January 6, 2018

We thought we’d made it through the maddens of Christmas. The gifts were all opened and now they were finding new places in our home, with some encouragement from Momma that new place would be the play room and not all over the living room floor with occasional overflow into the kitchen. Then 2 days after Christmas FedEx showed up and unloaded 2 massive boxes on our doorstep. What in the world? Neither the Husband or I had ordered anything of that magnitude recently, and Santa definitely didn’t forget any of the requested gifts this year. So again, what in the world? Upon opening what was revealed was 2 big, shiny, one green, one red, motorized, miniature 4-wheelers for the boys, from their cousins (aunt Nara & uncle Mookie may have had something to do with it too) in Massachusetts. As both the Husbands and my jaws dropped to the floor, the boys bounced and screamed with excitement all over the house. Suddenly I’m trying to recall what exactly I sent them for Christmas and suddenly I’m feeling slightly mortified. Eeeer, hope your gifts fit lads, and provide lots of cozy layers in the face of Bomb Cyclone 2018 (shame faced).

Once the 4-wheelers were assembled they needed to charge for 18 hours. But that didn’t stop the boys playing fantasy drive while they charged.

So happy.

Let the smack talk commence.

The following morning fully charged and not even 8am yet, we’re all outside taking these babies for a ride.

Cullen on course for his first collision.

After getting tangled Keane gives Cullen a lesson in reversing.

Liberated and headed down the driveway.

Oh, someone is gaining on Cullen.


Mean faced driver.

Keane the taunter.

When your pissed off getting lapped.

Cullen figured the best way to catch Keane, was to run him down, literally.

Race mode.

Parking spot.

You know the confidence is high when you got tricks that involve no hands. Hopefully that doesn’t lead to no teeth.

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