Christmas 2017

January 3, 2018

Christmas week at our house was just like everyone else’s, busy. Santa comes but once a year and thank god for that, cos the preparations for his arrival are intense and many. One of the final tasks we had left to carry out before we considered ourselves officially ready, was the making and decorating of the cookies Santa loves to eat at each and every house he visits. So Christmas Eve we had some friends over and we all got busy making cookies.

Cullen and his friend Amaya doing most of the heavy lifting in the kitchen. Mixing, rolling and cutting all of the cookie dough.

Of course everyone showed up for the best part, the decorating.

Keane favored heavily the festive red icing for his cookies. Looks more like a cookie blood bath if you ask me.

His friend Julian went for mostly green. A touch of Irish in his heritage perhaps?

Cullen cared little about the icing, he was all about the candy.

As long as his cookies had M&M’s, chocolate chips and sprinkles, then he was happy.

Yes for sugar in abundance.

Julian and Amaya team up on some of their Santa cookies.

Still abusing that red icing.

Cullen, proud of his work and eager to show everyone.

Of course we had to taste some of the cookies, just to make sure they were up to Santa standards.

Hooray for cookies!

Trying to get a picture of their finished work and all I got was them bickering over who wasn’t holding the tray right and almost let the cookies fall.

But there they are. Fabulous cookies for Santa.

Now its Christmas morning, somewhere between 6.15am and 6.45am. And would you look at that, Santa brought us exactly what we asked for, and then some. Trucks and truck themed gifts in abundance for Cullen.

Keane got his requested drone and also this punching/kicking bag. I have a feeling this is a gift Momma might enjoy too. Especially on some of those more frustrating days.

A 4D viewer. I wish I could tell you more than that, but I don’t really know much about it. The boys loved it though.

This photo, cos it shows the absolute disaster zone the house became with each opened gift.

Once all presents had been ripped open, the boys begin to settle in and start playing with some favorites.

After giving Keane’s drone enough time to charge, we took it out for a test flight.

In addition to trucks, Cullen’s newest obsession is sharks.

We have lift off for drone pilot Keane.

Up she goes.

Just before dinner Grandma & Grandpa arrived with more gifts.

We also had gifts for them. Keane chose this cow painting for Pa. Not cos Pa has a preference towards agricultural art, Keane simply saw it and decided Pa needed it in his life.

Cullen helps Grandma open her gift.

And look how proud he is that he chose this truck painting for her. Clearly he picked this out before he crossed over the the shark side.

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