Hello 2018!

December 31, 2017

Well I didn’t really intend on not posting over the Christmas. Between trying to keep up with the energy levels of 2 kids high on Christmas and 2 days when I was feeling like absolute crap, it just kind of work out that way. But here we are, back at it and ready to share some of whats been going on. I’m going to start with New Years, since that just happened today and then share backwards with some photos from our Christmas.

Celebrating New Years with kids is not always the easiest. Its frowned upon to take them to the bar for drinks and of course everyone would have an opinion (mostly negative) if you tried to get into a club wearing your 2018 tiara, carrying your party blower in one hand and your child in the other. The world can be such a judgy place. But this year I found out that the Fernbank Museum here in Atlanta was having a “Noon Years Party” especially for kids. It kicked off at 9am and at 12pm was the scheduled countdown with accompanying balloon drop to ring in the new year, kid style. It was such a good idea and although the balloon drop was a bit chaotic, the kids had a blast.

The dinosaurs at the museum entrance was a welcome site for my boys of course.

A bubble blower on hand to get everyone in the party vibe.

Keane & Cullen just watching.

Until a bubble found itself floating their way, now we can’t contain ourselves.

Keane’s impressed by the size of this bubble.

The bubble man lets Cullen have a go at making his own bubbles.

Inside and there are the balloons, waiting patiently to be dropped.

To pass the time looked around at some of the dinosaur bones and fossils.

Then we went to check out the museums new Wildwoods & Forest trails.

This climbing spiral thing that lead up to a rope bridge.

Cullen needed a little help to look through the telescope.

These cool branch huts.

Of course my 2 have to try and squeeze into the smallest hut.

Its almost noon so time to get back inside for the “New Year” countdown.

Everyones starting to gather, looking for the best spot for the balloon drop.

The dinosaurs have the best view.

Cullen’s got his party blower and he’s ready for some balloons.

Keane’s ready to party too.

10-9-8-7-6………and there go the balloons.

Of course it was absolute chaos. Kids stepping on and over each other trying to grab and stomp on balloons.

Keane manages to grab himself 2.

Cullen just grabbed the 1 ballon in his favorite color and was done. He was not a fan of the chaos.

The stress of trying to hang on to 3 balloons with only 2 hands was too much for Keane.

Daddy to the rescue. He was the protector of the balloons.

Once he’d secured some balloons to take home, Keane was up for stomping on whatever was left.

It became emotional for a lot kids out there.

Music blasting, balloons popping all over the place, not what Cullen wanted to hear obviously.

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