Family Photos 2017

December 26, 2017

Merry Christmas! These I meant to share yesterday. You know, to go with the whole Christmas, family, togetherness vibe, but Santa showed up and things just went mental from there. But look at this, for the second year running we’ve done family photos. I can’t even believe it. For those who may not remember, last years family shoot was a real struggle, the experience left us a little traumatized, to the point that the husband and I decided 2017 would be the year to skip family photos. And up to a few weeks ago, that was still the plan. Until I changed my mind. Yes, last year’s session wasn’t easy, but you know what? I loved the photos. My good friend and amazing photographer Tessa, did an amazing job capturing the images she captured in the midst of a toddler shit storm of emotions. So recently when she reached out to see if we wanted family pics again this year, I said “f#ck it, lets do this.” So we did.

Of course the Husband was allergic to the idea, again. And Cullen is a liability in any situation. So this year my approach was a lot more casual and low key. I didn’t stress about outfits, times, locations or any of that stuff. I let Tessa make all those decisions and all we did was show up. Even if Cullen’s mood was challenging, I knew that we would walk away with great images. But this year he was a totally different child, happy, playful and cheeky. What a relief. It made things so much easier and fun. We may even consider family photos for 2018. Three years running, now that would definitely be something.

Some of my favorites from the session, as captured by the amazing Tessa.

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