Sugar Rush

December 21, 2017

We are days away. Final preparations are in full swing. This past week we went to visit the man himself, to ensure he got our letters and to make clear certain specifics about the requested gifts they might have overlooked during the letter writing. Then we had some friends over for a gingerbread decorating party. This is always a crowd favorite and as usual more candy made it into mouths then onto the houses. And we, the parents, do our best not to focus on those high levels of sugar ingestion, reassuring each other that come New Years, there will be a massive candy clear out and we will juice press bucket fulls of organic kale back into those hyped up little bodies.

Meeting the main man and for the 2nd year now nobody was scared. By nobody, I mean Cullen.

We’d just come for a morning spent at the Aquarium, where the boys had their faces painted.

Meeting adjourned. Complimentary candy canes for all.

The official Santa visit photo.

Gingerbread party day.

Keane’s friend from school, Noah.

Ella, Keane’s other school friend.

And Cullen’s friend Grayson. Who wasn’t really into decorating, but his mom was.

Hard at work.

Let the ingestion begin.

Grayson kept disappearing to play with Cullen’s trucks (he’s obsessed too) but pop back every now and then to contribute an M&M or two to his moms project.

With each mouthful I could see them keeping close eyes on me, hoping I wasn’t noticing and therefore never cut off their sugar joy.

Impressive little creations coming together.

Some of the finished houses.

Ella gets a bear hug before she leaves.

And the boys have one final go at their houses before the sugar dealer here cuts them off for the rest of the evening.

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