Take To The Ice

December 18, 2017

Last year Daddy had to alternate between boys. My ice skating skills are barely enough to keep myself upright, never mind supporting 2 little boys to do the same. So The Husband, a former ice hockey player back in the day, took one multiple times around the ice, followed the other, while I set myself up rink side capturing the memories and trying to distract the child not currently on the ice from constantly asking when it was their turn again. This year however, Keane wanted zero help or balance assistance from anyone, citing, “Momma, I can do this, watch me” and he did do it. Its been a full year since he was last on the ice, but in that year he’s developed some major balance. He was back and forth and doing lap after lap alternating between ice walking and ice skating. But he was completely independent and that was what was most important to him. Cullen was much improved from his first ice skating experience last year too. He still enjoyed assistance from Daddy but had a couple of free standing moments too. Even I got to go on the ice this year. And while I was no Kristi Yamaguchi (bad ass Olympic ice skater from back in the day) I managed to stay on my feet and even offer Cullen some support when he demanded a skate with Momma.

Game face.

Always with a truck on hand and kept himself occupied while we laced Keane into his boots.

Booted and ready.

A little confidence builder lap with Daddy.

And away we go.

A break in the action to drive our lego truck through the ice.

There I am, seconds after landing a perfect triple salchow. The Husband’s trigger finger just wasn’t fast enough to capture it.

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