Dear Santa

December 14, 2017

It took 4 days, but finally all heat and power have been restored. The snow is 90% melted and life is for the most part, back to normal. But we have lost 4 days of Christmas prep productivity and now the sense of mad rush is building. Currently we are trying to track down packages that couldn’t be delivered due to “extreme weather or natural disaster” the e-mail said. To frantically hit the shops for everything last minute and then lose the will to live in the longest slower then slow moving lines at the post office. Why can’t I be that person with freakish levels of organization that had all of their Christmas shopping wrapped up last August???

One thing that did get done this week was our letters to Santa. I feel like we’ve cut the sending of these a little tight, but I think Santa already knew what the boys wanted, he was just waiting on the final confirmation.

“Dear Santa, Please can you send me a drone. Keane 2012″ (proof of identity by reminding Santa of the year he was born)

Cullen joined us at the table to get his letter composed.

I may have helped a little with Cullen’s letter just to make sure the message was clear, he wants “the wooden flat bed tow truck”.

Keane’s safely sealed.

Destination, North Pole.

The next morning before school, they were mailed.

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