Licensed To Drive

December 6, 2017

And just like that my kids became licensed drivers. Old enough to operate their own vehicle. They sure do grow up fast these days. Especially at Tiny Towne, which is where Keane and Cullen went with their friend Bryson and got their hands on some mini Mini Coopers to take out onto this makeshift small town’s roads.

License in hand and we are ready to get ourselves behind the wheel of some tiny cars.

Keane, loving that feeling only the freedom of the road can bring.

As another driver, if I had to share the road with Cullen, I just wouldn’t. He was bad. Easily distracted by everything around him, he might also have been texting and I’m pretty positive I saw him guzzle a beer before he got into his car.

He hit every barrier, multiple times.

Acing his driving skills, Bryson.

Yep, right into the wall.

And then straight across into the barrier.

Can’t leave without a ride on the Towne Choo-choo.

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