That Time Of Year

December 3, 2017

We are spirited. The purchasing of our Christmas tree has made us so. Our house is bursting with festive vibes. The boys are bouncing off the walls with excitement, yes because in a few short weeks Santa will be here, but more so because of all the preparations and all of the little holiday traditions we’ve established over the past few years. To be honest they talk more about those traditions, things like selecting and settling up the tree, decorating the house, visiting the Botanical Garden’s night of lights, festive ice-skating, gingerbread house decorating, just to name a few, then they do about what presents they want. For them its all about the experiences this time of year brings. How nice it is to see Christmas through their eyes, pressure free, last minute shopping, guest prepping and dinner stressing immune. Its such a nice reminder to stop, slow down and take a moment to listen and enjoy the angel faced Christmas Carolers, but only after I hit the “refresh” button for the 1000th time on the various UPS packages I’m currently tracking to see when the hell I can expect them to arrive.

Both boys, expert Christmas tree shoppers at this point.

The Christmas tree ornaments they made recently at the Home Depot Kids Workshop.

All the vehicle related ornaments never made it onto the tree. Cullen had other plans for them.

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