Party Pooper

January 30, 2011

All winter long one element has been tracking us, monitoring all our movements, listening to all our plans, watching as we get giddy with excitement, laughing with a mocking tone cos it knows, right at the last second, its about to absolutely rain on our parade in the biggest way possible. And that element is SNOW.

And just like its been doing on all our previous trips, snow showed up all over the New York and Boston area Wednesday afternoon and on into Thursday morning. Dumping a whopping 15 inches all over the city and airport. Which for us meant cancelled flights. Cancelled flights and missed Broadway shows and a Broadway customer service agent who had zero sympathy for our situation. Would not give us a refund, full or partial, would not offer Broadway credit, would not send a private plane, wouldn’t even channel her inner Moses and part the Red Sea of raging storm clouds that covered the entire Northeast of the country. Selfish. But what she would do was give us any spare or empty seat to the following Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday shows. Which is lovely, if you live in New York. Not so lovely, if you live in Atlanta and are only in New York, for the weekend.  The good news is, yes there is some, I did eventually make it to New York late, very late Thursday night and was therefore able to report for pace-making duties at the start line of the women’s 1500m.

And if your looking for something different to occupy the next 5 minutes of your time, please feel free to CLICK HERE to see me in all my pace-making glory.

And even though it was a distant, distant, distant 2nd place to our Broadway show plans, I did venture out on a wee walk around New York to get a glimpse of the city in snow.

3 Responses to “Party Pooper”

  1. Edward says:

    Great job sis! Looked so comfortable running around the track. Like a duck to water.

    Great profile on you as well by the commentators. Was very proud when they mentioned you being an Irish record holder and Olympian. Plus when they talked about the skill of pace making and how you were doing a good job of it.

    Well done

  2. Karen Shinkins says:

    Hey Ed,

    They sure did dive into my past and air out some of my dirty laundry huh? But at least they chose to focus on some of my more “prouder” moments ;)

  3. Edward says:

    Defo, was a good very good commentary on you and very complementary. Found it gas they way they refer to the pacemaker as a rabbit. You’d swear it was a greyhound race. You know you are going to be referred to as ‘The Rabbit’ from now on. And you a dog owner too, shame! :)

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