Thanksgiving Gobble Jog 2017

November 23, 2017

Another Thanksgiving, another Gobble Jog for the family. This year, cos of all the mileage I’ve been racking up in preparation for my 1/2 marathon a couple of weeks ago, my friend Mike & I (we always run this race together) decided not to run in our usual 5k, but to step it up to the 10k instead. Bonus of doing the 10K? Its starts way earlier than the 5k, so it gives us a little more time once we’re finished, to get ourselves together, meet up with the kids and The Husband and get back to the start line for the family 5k. Yep, Gobble Jog is just an assembly line of runs for me. Thanksgiving dinner is well earned. Also this year I started to realize that the kids are getting much faster, Keane especially. He kept blasting ahead and I had to keep calling him to wait cos I didn’t want to lose him amongst the thousands of other runners. It was starting to frustrate him and I felt bad, but feelings of frustration or a lost child?? I’ll take his frustrated feelings every time. Anyway, its made me realize that we will need to come up with a plan for next year. A plan that allows him to run the race at the pace he wants and as competitive as he’s starting to be. Cullen is still very much in the fun zone when it comes to Gobble Jog, happy just to be running amongst all the people. So I have a feeling its going to be a divide and conquer situation for The Husband and I next year.

Post 10k race Mike and I meet up with The Husband and the kids and start the family 5k. The Husband took off , he was serious about his 5k performance.

Keane, out and running.

Cullen, free as a little bird.

Some fancy backwards running from Keane.

Cullen completely airborne here and looking very much like a triple jumper.

Poor Keane, desperately wanted to just hammer on ahead.

But still had smiles the first few times I called him back.

We’ve reached half-way and the hydration station.

Back in the race and a mini collision between Cullen and another racer, oops.

Positioning ourselves in a more out of the way and safe spot, following the yellow line.

Keane taking a chill break.

Now he’s back.

Cullen’s turn to chill.

The end is near.

A determined finish by Cullen.

An emotional finish for Keane. Why? Cos the race was over and he wanted to run more.

Daddy finished before us, and helps with the consoling.

Out 2017 Gobble Jog Group shot.

Meeting the Gobble Jog turkey helps cheer Keane up.

Also helpful was the collecting of their finishers t-shirts.

Something else that helped cheer Keane up? The Tot-Trot. At the end of all the 10k’s and 5k’s is the the kids race. So we told him we would stick around so he could take part.

Daddy’s pins on his race number.

Tot-trot startline.

I asked Cullen if he wanted to run, but you can tell by his face that he didn’t.

The start of the race was delayed 20 minutes as we waited for the remaining 5k runners to finish. And during that 20 mins he changed his mind.

Getting in position.

Lined up and ready.

So OMG, it was complete chaos once the kids race started. I was on the side watching, cheering, ready to take photos. I spotted Daddy and Cullen, grabbed a quick pic of Cullen’s happy face. Couldn’t see Keane, didn’t help that he was wearing the same t-shirts as a hundred other kids. Then I realized that he had blasted off. Left daddy and Cullen in his dust.

Suddenly I’m a crazy mother running down a bunch of tots, trying to locate and grab a photo of Keane before he gets to the finish (the race was only about 150m). I spotted his hat and was able to grab this photo as I gunned it towards the finish line.

I barely squeaked across ahead of him so I could catch his finish.

It was mayhem, but I managed to catch a glimpse of Daddy and Cullen as they approached the line.

It was definitely one of our busiest Gobble Jogs to date. But at least everyone walked away from the event happy. And that happy went to a whole new level as we were leaving and bumped into the “real” Lightening McQueen.

A very happy and star struck Cullen.

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