The Maintenace Game

November 20, 2017

There are always things that need to be done around the house. Big things and little things. Things that will take a lot of effort and/or $$, so you avoid them for as long as you can. You avoid them until you can avoid them no more. Yep, that step is definitely broken and that paint is still peeling and those driveway potholes, not fixing themselves like we hoped. So the past month we have finally stepped up our home maintenance game and entered a crazy phase of repair, repainting, and organizing. Its been exhausting, but wow does it feel so much better. And the boys have really enjoyed it. So far their favorite to date has been the cementing of the driveway, cos that project involved not 1 but 7 cement mixer loads of concrete being delivered.

Cullen is truck obsessed, so I knew this was going to be a special day for him as he watched load after load arrive.

He even brought his own cement mixer to the viewing party.

Pure joy!

Several times a day Keane will change his outfit and his looks. And you dare not tell him what to wear. He is the decider and he wasn’t zero input from anyone. All he wants to hear is how great he looks. This was a costume he was considering for Halloween, a pterodactyl, but in the end he decided not to wear it, for Halloween, but he has decided to wear it just casually a few times since. This was one of those casual times.

Me: “Don’t touch the cement Cullen, not until it dries“. Cullen (To himself as he touches it): “Eff you

Always wants to help and be involved, so the builders gave Keane a special job.

Its hard work.

Also important to wash your tools after.

Keane loves to be the one to show and teach Cullen new things.

And then stand over him pointing out everything he’s doing wrong.

Distracting Keane with another job, freed Cullen to work and learn in peace, without interruption.

Everyone loved the tool cleaning job.

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