The Finishers

November 15, 2017

And here we are, a Las Vegas half marathon finisher. Yes, I went, I ran and I finished. It wasn’t easy, it was tough, but it definitely wasn’t the nightmare my inexperienced half marathon self was expecting. Running it with one of my oldest besties and a brand new bestie was the difference in making it not only manageable, but fun. I shared in my previous post how challenging training for this half marathon was for me. And prior to running, my line of thinking was, “one and done”. Tick this off your non-existent bucket list and never entertain the idea ever again. As for a marathon? Fu*k no! However, in the days since the race I’ve been pondering the notion of maybe, possibly, could I perhaps be capable of running a marathon. I’m a bit#h for a challenge, especially if its a physical one. There’s a streak in me that just finds it hard to say “no”. But I’m going to let the idea sit for a while. Recover from this past weekend of racing and celebrating and not make any hasty decisions.

Here we are doing the pre-race pics and selfies. Top right corner is my good friend Caitriona and I. Caitriona and I started running together when we were kids. We’re talking 9 yrs old. We were part of the same Athletics (Track) Club, shout out to Newbridge AC, and represented our County of Kildare are every Community Games All Ireland Final from the age of 9 to 16 yrs of age. If your not from Ireland, none of that will make any sense, but just know that its a pretty big deal. She is a huge part of my early days as an athlete. Without her training and competing wouldn’t have been half the fun it was. All these years later, and here we are, still friends and still athletes.

A couple of official photos from the race. 3 very happy and relieved half marathon finishers

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