Half Marathon Debut

November 10, 2017

Plans for the weekend? Me? Why yes, I’m planning to run my first half marathon this weekend, in Las Vegas. I had great intentions of writing a blog post about how it all came about and what I’ve been doing, not doing, trying to do, in preparation for it, but with all of the hosting thas been going on around here the past week, free time became a bit of an unobtainable luxury. So I’ll give a bit of a bullet points version and maybe share more when I return.

- Way back in March my good friend Caitriona (who lives in Texas and is a bit of a marathon beast) and her friend Aileen convinced me that I’d be well able to run a half marathon and should join them in taking part in the Las Vegas half marathon in November. Back in March, November felt so far away that I was sure by the time it came around, I’d definitely have myself ready to take on a 13.1 mile.

- As it turned out, training never seemed to be easy. The first and biggest challenge was finding the time. Mothers live in a constant state of being spread thin. There is always so much that needs to be achieved in a day and you are constantly faced with prioritizing the things that get your time and attention. And some days unfortunately, running didn’t make the cut. Work schedules got crazy. The Husband was in the midst of the travel phase of his job, gone sometimes for 2 or more weeks, and solo parenting doesn’t really lend itself to lots of available running time. Kids got sick, I got sick, basically life was happening and like life tends to do, it made shit hard.

- I underestimated how physically hard training to run 13.1 miles would be. Most days I can comfortably go out and run 4, 5 or 6 miles, but pushing myself to get closer to double digit milage numbers, was a whole other ball game. Shit hurt. Often I’d have to leave days in between one run and the next due to post run body misery. And I would consider myself a pretty in shape person, but long miles are evil, they’re emotional and they fu#k with your head.

- As a former professional athlete, the idea of showing up to any kind of competition less then 100% ready, physically and mentally was never an option. Letting go of that, recognizing that that is not who I am anymore, that my life no longer looks like it did when running was my job and learning to accept the idea of showing up to run a race for the fun, the enjoyment, the challenge, with perfectly fine.

So here I go into my first half marathon. Not feeling completely ready, but feeling nervous  and naively excited. This is going to hurt, like a mofo, guaranteed. But we will start  and we will finish by God. Then we will celebrate, Vegas style.

Taking every opportunity I could to get some milage in. Long runs with my best friend Derval during our kid and spouse free trip to New York last month, after she figured out how to get her Fitbit stop watch going #stepcredit

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