House Party

November 8, 2017

This past weekend 56 of our closet agent friends and IAAF board members, flew into town for a week long track & field agents conference. Of the 56, 5 actually stayed in our home, 1 from Sweden, 1 from Germany, 1 from the Czech Republic and 2 from the U.S. It was like our very own miniature United Nations HQ, with a heavily represented European delegate. Luckily our guests were completely low maintenance and in the days prior to the conference were happy to play the role of visiting family members, helping around the house, providing entrainment for Keane and Cullen and even joining us on our Sunday morning family hike. Also, low maintenance guests = low maintenance hosting, and despite the fact that times have changed and men and womens roles within the home are now viewed more equally, for some reason the only preparation my husband feel needs doing for visiting guests, is to stock up on beer. The rest of the preparation magically takes care of itself apparently. You know the simple stuff like readying the guest rooms, overall house cleaning, food stocking as well as cooking, just kind of happens while your out shopping for the beer. My high levels of Prep-Host-and Post Host fatigue are just plain baffling to him. But the one thing that really put our hosting skills to the test this week was our idea to have the conference “Welcome Dinner” at our home. Yes, a sit-down dinner for 56 people in our house. As you can imagine this was no small undertaking. The stress levels were on overdrive, planning lead to arguments (The Husband and I disagreed, A LOT) and the effort to move out most of our own furniture and bring in enough tables and seats for 56 people was physical. I swear, the struggle was real, the pressure intense, but with the help of an amazing friend and event planner, a caterer to assist with the food side of things and plenty of available alcoholic beverages we managed to pull it off. Successfully I might add. It was actually a really enjoyable evening, with only a small hangover accompanying me throughout the following day. Ask me if I’d ever take on an entertainment project like that again and the pre-dinner me, tripped out on stress and anxiety would have slapped you square in the face, cut you with a death stare and through pursed lips and gritted teeth said, “NEVER AGAIN“. But ask the post dinner me still buzzing with adrenaline (and wine), high on a winning spirit cos we actually managed to pull off a very enjoyable evening, the same question and suddenly I’m all smiles and declaring that “yes, of course I would do it all again“. In fact, I might even start renting our home out for parties and functions, tis almost party season after all.

Our Sunday morning hike and we divided into 2 teams. The A-team would take the stroller friendly route around Kennesaw Mountain. And the B-team who would hike up and over the mountain. This is our A-team, and the agents are on stroller pushing duty.

A nice long hike will give you plenty of opportunity to get to know each other better.

The A-team made it back to the rendezvous point first and passed the time waiting for the others with a pool paddle.

Finally, the B-team arrives.

Poor tired post-hike Dexter and fellow agent friend.

Nope, I didn’t bring extra clothes for Cullen cos I didn’t know he’d end up in a pool. He went home naked.

So here we are, party day preparations. Our living room has been cleared and replaced with enough tables and chairs for 56 people. The boys were all in for helping. Cullen there to the left is assisting by playing with some trucks at the fire place. Keane is folding the napkins.

All the hard work and preparations finally came together.

A big shout out to my creative and amazing friend Sanders for designing the fabulous centre-pieces decorating the fireplace.

A view of the space from above.

For once I decided to leave my camera aside, so I could focus on actually participating in the fun and enjoying the party like everyone else. But of course I couldn’t resist this one quick iPhone shot of everyone in party mode.

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