Halloween 2017

October 31, 2017

If our Halloween is looking a little deja vu , its cos it is. For a 2nd year the boys had a preference for the prehistoric/Cars theme. Cullen wouldn’t entertain the idea of being anything other than Mater again and Keane changed things up a little by not being an actual dinosaur himself, but rather a Dino Rider. Although we did have a brief moment when Cullen saw Keane’s costume that he too wanted to be a Dino Rider. So with a few clicks of the mouse, a second Dino Rider costume was rush ordered to our door. However, the night before it was back to wanting to be Mater, so Daddy had to perform emergency costume surgery and resurrect last years battered and beaten Mater. I was Mater’s mechanic. When you have 2 kids and a husband to get ready and out the door, it helps to always keep your own costume efforts to a minimum. Daddy was Dino Riders sidekick, Big Dino Rider. From our house we hit a pre-trick or treat party at our friend Bryson’s house, then trawled the hood for candy. The boys had a blast and are both currently in a candy coma. I too have a wish to fall into bed and drift off into a restful coma. Halloween is not just taxing on kids you know.

Mater 2.0

One happy Dino Rider.

Here comes Big Dino Rider.

The family shot.

Some of our pre-trick or treat party friends.

The excitement, its almost trick or treat time.

Spotted, Mater fueling up on tiny cupcakes.

The gathering of kids.

This Dino Rider is anxious to get going.

Our friend Bryson as a jelly fish. How cool is his costume?

And we’re off!

Someone is getting tired. With no energy left to run to doors, the candy came to Mater.

Our Dino Rider is running out of steam too.

The final house before the words “momma I’m tired”.

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