Halloween Ambush

October 26, 2017

Last week Halloween preparations began. It was completely spontaneous. Outside of the pumpkin carving we never really do a lot of decorating for Halloween. But a run to the shop to grab some essentials for the house, we stumbled our way into the “seasonal aisle” that was full of all things black, bat, cat, skeletons, spiders, witches, basically everything designed to promote terror. It was a Halloween marketing ambush and guess what, it worked. Immediately the boys were hit with the notion of decorating. So 20ft of fake spider web, 2 fake spiders, a couple of howling ghosts, strands of orange twinkle lights and 3 bales of hay later, there we were, giving our house the haunted look.

The fake cobwebs were a tricky business, but the lads wrestle with it till their little arm muscles ached, cos a front door draped in cobwebs was the vision.

Over dealing with the webs and ready to add their fake spiders.


After our visit to the pumpkin farm, we now had the final finishing touches to add to our front door area.

Keane the director of pumpkin placement.

And just a little FYI, Keane is choosing his own clothes these days. He wants zero input from anyone, and we tell him he looks amazing and applaud him for his very unique combinations.

A touch of the spiritual.


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