Set Up For Success

October 22, 2017

Back from my 4 day trip to New York, 4 very enjoyable days. There is nothing like a break away with a good friend to help you switch off and recharge. I actually surprised myself at how well I disconnected from my role as mother for the entirety of our trip. Usually if I have to leave the boys, even if its only for a few hours, I can get a little consumed worrying and wondering if everything is ok. Did The husband remember the millions of instructions I left? Did he feed them nutritious food and snacks and not just utter crap? Did he remember that pajamas are not in fact clothes and the kids should not be wearing them all day? Were sibling wars navigated fairly and tantrums handled swiftly? Or just handled. Never mind swiftly. Kids have endurance, that’s one thing we learn quickly as parents. Did he adhere to my warning that silence (unless they’re sleeping) is a problem? They are up to something and you should go check on them immediately! Were they tucked into to bed at a decent hour? An hour I like and not an hour they like. All of these questions, and more besides, usually make up the sound track to my time away from my kids and resisting the urge to send another text, or another quick call to make sure everything is ok, is a constant struggle. But like I said, this time I peaced out.

Not in an “I’m never coming back” way obviously. But I had done everything I could to set The Husband up for success. I batched cooked a bunch of healthy meals. Fully stocked the pantry with everyones favorite snacks. Had the school clothes washed, ironed and ready to rock for each of the mornings. Rescheduled their swim classes cos I knew the added logistics of getting to swim, on top of the daily school run, the preparing and packing of separate swim bags and extra snack bags was just a lot of potential for disaster. A day like that really requires an expert level of multitasking, and lets be honestly, if its multitasking thats needed, then its a women you should call. Anyway, the point being I had prepped as much as I could. Once on the plane there was nothing I could do, these men of mine were on their own. But guess what? They survived. In fact, as much as I enjoyed the break, they enjoyed the break.

Am sure I will get into a bit more info from our trip in the next blog post, but right now there is a new week to get ready for and a few hours sleep I’d like to have tonight. And of course there are the photos from our day at the pumpkin farm that I tried but failed to share before I left for New York. Here they are, minus any commentary, cos you know, sleep is the goal right now. But we went, we meet up with our 2 friend Julian and his sister Amaya, we had a blast and we left with a wagon full of pumpkins.

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