Micro Tree

January 23, 2011

Georgia Department of Forestry called, the pines trees we ordered had arrived and were ready to be picked up, all 250 of them. Yes, 250. Hmmm, wonder what we’ll be doing this weekend, planting a tree of 2 maybe? The Husband removed everything from the back of Bruschi (his pick-up truck) and we speculated about the number of trips needed to get all 250 back to the property. My guess was “loads”, loads of trips back and forth, all day and all night we’d be shuttling pine trees. I should definitely consider adding extra protein and extra carbs to my breakfast menu. As it turns out, only one trip was needed. The trees were micro. No bigger than a tree prop on the set of a Lego village. I couldn’t stop laughing. The entire collection fit in my wannabe $900 Louis Vuitton purse and the planting process looked like it would be as complex as throwing caution/pine seedlings to the wind.

Look at how cute. Bigger than a pine cone, but only just.

2 Responses to “Micro Tree”

  1. Dinara says:

    Haha!! This is so funny! :-)

  2. Edward says:

    I’d say the pine cone is very disappointed. Probably thinking (if they could think), “What the hell, you mean I could grow into that? What a let down!”

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