Nobody Likes You Ophelia

October 16, 2017

I thought I’d have all the photos from our day at the pumpkin farm ready to share. But I ran out of time. And tomorrow I’m taking off for a few days. Just me and my bestie from Ireland. I’m flying from here, she’s flying from there (there being Ireland) and we are meeting in New York. No kids, no husbands, no schedule. Just us, doing whatever we want in the city that never sleeps. That is if hurricane Ophelia hasn’t ruined Irelands entire infrastructure. She hit the homeland hard yesterday. All flights were grounded, trains and buses were all cancelled and trees came down all over the place taking out power and blocking roads. Its so typical. Here we are, just a couple of mothers desperate for a break from the daily grind, and here’s mother nature trying to sabotage the entire plan. Way to have our back bit#h! But we are crossing everything that flights out of Dublin will be up and running again today. Either way I’m planning to get on my flight. NY here I come! I’m about to have the best time hanging with my best friend, or I’m about to have the best time hanging with myself getting to know me a little better. The first option is preferable.

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