Out Of The Wild

October 12, 2017

Out of the wilderness and back to civilization for the second part of our trip. Pigeon Forge, TN was the destination. Not really sure how or why we’d decided on this, maybe a subconscious fondness for Dolly Parton (the Dollywood theme park is located there). But en route we took a day trip to Chattanooga, TN for 2 reasons, 1. to ride the Incline Train to the top of Lookout Mountain and 2. to visit Ruby Falls, located 260ft below Lookout Mountain. A clear determination to experience this mountain from every which way. After Chattanooga it was onwards to Pigeon Forge where we upgraded ourselves from tent life to cabin life. With it came vacation luxuries such as a pool, bounce pillow for the kids and kids at heart (that would be The Husband and I). This camp ground had everything, we almost didn’t have to leave, but of course we did, cos Pigeon Forge is basically an amusement park type city and the kids were looking for their adrenaline fix on some fast moving rides.

And that essentially is how we closed out our adventure. A week of fun new experiences for the kids, and 2 parents who managed to navigate, coordinate and juggle life on the road, tent & cabin without killing each other.

Out of the wilderness and our first stop was the choo-choo city of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

On our evening stroll we found a small park with games. This is corn hole tossing. Objective? Toss bean bags at the board opposite in an attempt to get the bags in the hole.

Cullen plays by his own rules as usual.

Giant Jenga. Stack the wood, remove 1 piece at a time until the pile collapses.


Bright and early the following morning we headed off to ride the incline train to the top of Lookout Mountain.

Tickets please.

Theres our ride.

Hard to really capture just how steep this ride to the top was.

Checking out the views.

Chattanooga, as seen from the top of Lookout Mountain.

Back to ground level and off to Ruby Fall.

A hike 260ft under ground to the center of Lookout Mountain to see the Ruby Falls.

Our cabin accommodations in Pigeon Forge.

Everyone was excited to try out the Alpine Rollercoaster.

The first ride Cullen and I rode together and Daddy went with Keane. But I made Daddy go a couple more times with each of the boys so I could get photos. First up Daddy and Cullen.

Off they go.

Look carefully, can you see them??

Oops, notice Cullen started the ride with a hat, but now appears to be missing it?

Delighted with himself, and excited to inform us that the hat did in fact blow off.

Next Daddy goes with Keane and the ride has now become a hat recovery mission.

Here they come.

All smiles.

And look, the hat. Mission accomplished.

Our official Alpine Rollercoaster photos.

Panning for gem stones.

We’re rich! Bags of gems found.

A bike to pump food to some of the local goats.

Pool time back at the camp ground.

A grand entrance by Keane.

Cullen wanted, but didn’t want to go under the giant mushroom.

He made a run, then changed his mind at the last second.

The bounce pillow.

Suddenly the middle aged parents are 6 years old again.

Momma’s turn.

I promise you, in my head I jumped way higher and my splits were more impressive then this.

Everything always ends up a wrestling game.

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