All Things Billy

January 21, 2011

I’m obsessed with¬†Billy Elliot lately. Yes, the movie, not the little boy himself. Thats just weird and you should be very ashamed for thinking otherwise. Anyway, I can’t get enough of it. I’ve watched/fallen asleep to it at least 3 times so far this week. The soundtrack has been downloaded to my iTouch and should you be one of the 12 drivers I share my 5am commute with most mornings, then yes, that absolutely is me attempting the prefect pirouette from behind my steering wheel. And trust me, I will nail it. You definitely want to be driving next to me when I pull that one off. Camera phones out my friends. Camera phones out.

I have no idea where the obsession is coming from, but I am possessed with a definite urge to dance me ass off on the daily. To dance like no one is watching. And since its not hurting anyone, not yet anyway. Maybe I should abstain from the steering wheel ballet moves for a while and keep it strictly to a kitchen or supermarket/bank/post-office queue indulgence. If nothing else it makes me happy and will be a conversation starter for my fellow shopper/banker/post-office(er)(??)

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