In The Face Of Resistance

September 23, 2017

The moment finally arrived, Cullen’s first day of soccer. It was the emotional rollercoaster we were expecting from our youngest boy. I don’t know why, but resistance is his thing. It takes work and it takes patience when Cullen tries new things. I’m sure these characteristics of stubbornness he’s been “blessed” with will all stand to him somewhere, somehow down the line, but damn if it doesn’t make for some challenging parenting moments. Anyway, with nothing but happy smiles and positive words spoken in upbeat and excited tones, in an effort to override and overcompensate for the whining, we eventually managed to get him to a place where he was willing to zip it! and open himself up to the possibility of actually trying and liking soccer. We knew he was going to like it once he gave it a chance, but like I said, resistance is his thing and pushing him past that, well that appears to be our thing.

Before we get into the photos, I wanted to give the heads up, the blog is going to quiet this week. The boys are on Fall break from school, so we’ve decided to take them camping. Yep, staying in a tent, cooking over a fire, fishing in rivers (washing in rivers too probably), type camping. This is going to be memorable, but they are so excited, and I’m bound to have some fun and interesting photos to share from the adventure once we return.

P.S I’m also feeling a lot better, thanks for asking. Whatever illness was brewing, has subsided. We are the picture of health again.

Back to the soccer and just look at that face. The face of resistance.

The body language of a child refusing to kick the ball around for fun or otherwise.

Had to get a front shot of that.

After a pep talk of encouragement he dropped his guard ever so slightly and was willing to at least stand amongst the other kids and parents to listen to the coach.

He doesn’t make it easy, but here he is, calm, openminded and willing. You’ll notice all the other boys and girls are wearing their newly issued team t-shirt, not Cullen. He point blank refused and I didn’t even care. I’m all about picking my battles and this was one I refused to take on.


Starting things off with a game of tag. Look at him now? Like the past 15 minutes of non-stop whining never even happened. In the mean time, I’m drained and ready for a cocktail. Going rounds with a toddler will do that to a momma.

Some balancing drills.

And we’re off, and all of the chaos that goes with a group of 3 yr olds learning to dribble.

Some illegal hand balls happening that we chose to ignore.

A small change of role for Keane, this time he’s the supporter.

Being the more experienced, Keane kept wanting to jump in and show Cullen how to do all the drills. So we gently tried to explain how Cullen needs to learn by doing it by himself. But we did allow him one big brother moment when he helped Cullen with his one foot on the ball, balancing drill.

Nailed it!

Offering advice with his dribbling eventually gave Cullen the rage, so Daddy distracted Keane with some penalty kicks ahead of his own soccer game happening after Cullen’s practice.

A few little goal kicks.

End of practice clean up.

Post-practice chat.

Some small banter with coach.

And there we have it, first soccer practice in the bag.

The boy at the end of practice. A massive contrast to the boy that showed up at the start.

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