Minimum Commentary

September 21, 2017

So last nights plan didn’t exactly work. Today has been a major struggle. But I’m finally at the point in the evening where I don’t have to keep struggling. I can go to bed on a second round of medication (vitamin and over the counter), more fluids and a “this shit will not beat me” attitude. That feels like the winning combination to me, and guaranteed to take the edge of this illness (she says wishfully). But like a true soldier, I found it within myself to share the photos from Keane’s first soccer game of the season. But because I want to get to bed pretty swiftly, theses photos will come with minimum commentary. Enjoy!

Warm ups with Daddy.

The snacker.

Keane is number 42.

Line man, doin his thang.

Water break.

A “lets get the finger out lads” pep-talk from coach.

Something good is about to happen.



Hi-five from Cullen for the score.

These 5 yrs olds are ruthless. A kid from the other team goes down…..

…but they plough right over him like he’s just some soccer pitch road kill.

Final whistle.

The fans go wild.

Post match tunnel walk.

Post game snack, of course Cullen is all up in it.

Go Man United! Yep, thats the name of their team.

Endless energy these 2.

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