When A Version Of Irma Strikes

September 17, 2017

Monday morning Irma finally showed up, but only at about 1/4 of the power expected. Which is obviously a good thing. Lots of rain, a gusty wind and not much more. It didn’t chance the fact that we were officially house bound. As parents we were now fully on the frontline of kiddy entertainment. There would be no going outside or morning trips to the park to help burn off their endless energy. No, we were in a code red situation and damn if we weren’t going to throw everything and anything we could at these kids to survive the great indoors.

First we threw paint at them. Well, not at them exactly, but we gave them full access and set them up to decorate a tunnel we’d built for the boys cars.

Méabh was marathon runner committed to this project. She stayed at it for well over an hour.

Cullen went at it sprinter style. Out of the blocks fast, but the energy and interest burned up quickly. So he went on the hunt for trucks he could dip in the paint to make wheel tracks.

An hour or so into the paint project and Méabh is still going. But we’ve moved on from painting the tunnel to painting our hands.

Eamon and Keane had zero interest in painting. They found another activity to occupy themselves, that featured heavily this oversized box.

Eamon, completely unaware that somethings living inside the box.

Until he spots a random limb.

Followed by a real live boy. Not sure Keane got the reaction he was hoping for from Eamon.

Some food, naps and the odd breakdown here and there we are back at the project table. This time we’re making slime. Which for the record I’d like to state, we will never do again. This stuff was a bitch to clean up. But like I said, we were housebound with 4 kids under 6 yrs old, in these moments of desperation, you don’t always make the wise choices.

The kids on the other hand, did not hate this project at all.

Getting all the ingredients together.

Testing the sliminess of the slim.

And here we go, sliming some tiny toys.

Note the faces, loving it.

Gooey and stretchy.

These poor toys.

Slime making wasn’t just fun for the participants, the audience enjoyed the experience too.

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