Solar Eclipse 2017

August 21, 2017

In case you didn’t know (and I don’t know how you wouldn’t, its all thats been talked about over here for the past month) a solar eclipse happened yesterday, and our position on the earth’s globe, put us right on the path of the eclipse. Witnessing 97% coverage meant we didn’t quite experience the brief nightfall in the middle of the day that 100% coverage would have given us, but things did get very dusky, with lots of deep shadows and temperatures dropped noticeably by about 10 – 15 degrees (fahrenheit). The boys were into it so we took them to Tellus Science Museum, their favorite museum, so we could watch with thousands of our solar loving friends.

The only place to be during a solar eclipse is a science museum.

The boys just hanging out, snacking and waiting for the moon to show up.

Test driving the viewing glasses.

We picked a nice patch of tree shade to hangout.

Daddy showed the boys how to make their own viewing boxes from cereal boxes.

The crowd is gathering.

This really cool observatory had 3 telescopes open so you could really get an up close look at the solar event.

While we wait we find lots of ways of entertaining ourselves.

Solar check, moon was just over 50% at this point.

This solar eclipse did amazing things for my skin tone, look at how tanned I appear.

Moon at 97% and we’re in the best position to witness the wonderment.

One happy solar viewing family.

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