Open Ocean Dining

August 17, 2017

The weather throughout the duration of our visit to Ireland was uncharacteristically perfect, and when that happens you take full advantage and make all of your plans outdoor related. So my good friend Derval (along with being highly skilled on the track, also happens to have some skills in the culinary department), packed us a picnic basket filled with tasty nibbles and we took to the seas for an evening of open ocean dining.

Rocking this seasons trendy life jacket look, we took the short walk from Derval’s house to the dock where our boat awaited.

The Husbands readied the boat and we all hopped on board.

Captain Keane pilots out to the open sea.

Or maybe Peter was the one doing the real driving.

Below deck the porthole tourists take in the views.

Busy night on the Atlantic ocean.

This island off the coast of Crosshaven was the destination for our evening picnic.

Boat secured and we’re off to explore.

Rocky beach shenanigans.

A lesson in skimming.

Post picnic, as the sun was setting, we headed back to harbor.

Crosshaven, Co. Cork.

Snack party.

The comical squeeze through a tiny door.

Safely docked.

To avoid any kind of bedtime, the kids plot to steal a row boat and leave. But the boat proved to be a slight challenge to flip.

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