Into the South West

August 13, 2017

When you and your besties are at the same stage in life, having and raising kids, then visiting them automatically comes with bonus features like their patience and complete understanding of children’s ability to turn a perfectly clean and orderly space, into a zone of natural disaster in less than 5 minutes flat. This is of particular importance, especially when the space is their brand new, still smells of fresh paint, newly laid carpets and a peppering of recently varnished wood, home, that also just happens to have the Atlantic ocean as its out of the window view. Thankfully my besties adorable little 2 year old daughter, had already blazed an established trail of destruction ahead of our visit. My lads, having a few years destruction experience on little Dafne, showed her how to take things to a whole new level. Lets just say there was no bed left unbounced, or with any of its pillows, sheets or blankets. And plenty of sand, rocks and water dragged via diggers and trucks, through a pristine kitchen and living space. Yes, its so nice to be at the same place in life, the place of insanity that is motherhood.

From one bestie in Navan, Co. Meath, to another bestie in Co. Cork. The morning following our arrival kicked off with breakfast for these ladies, and a gathering of freshly laid eggs.

Daddy and Cullen check the hut for any eggs.

Bingo! Thanks lady hens.

Keane took off like the hens were after him for stealing their produce.

Cullen just ran cos Keane was running.

Comparing eggs.

Not sure if they realize, but I can actually see them. Whispering and huddling together like they got away with a big egg raid.

Dafne chillin with The Husband and bemused by the boys joy over her chickens and their eggs.

It was a sunny one, so off to the beach we went.

Water might have been cold, hard to tell from Keane’s reaction.

Just one of the lads.

Being close enough in age, Cullen and Dafne just kind of got each other.

No rock ever left unclimbed with my 2 around.

In a mad rush to join the lads on the rocks, Dafne went down.

I’ve seen this pissed looking face plenty of times over the years, on her mother.

The climbing crew.

Just throwing in this random photo cos I happen to be in it, and we all know how rare that is.

Somebody is up to no good.

Dafne, like Cullen LOVES trucks, anything vehicle to be honest. So they teamed up to create a sand bridge and road.

This was the cutest thing ever. Every time Cullen built something, Dafne “prettied” it up by adding rock and shell accessories. Cullen didn’t get it (he’s a man, go figure) and is more worried about the damage these accessories might do.

There she goes again, castle accessories.

Everyones favorite part, the destruction.

And she did it all by herself.

Too cute.

Leaving his mark.

Beach safety now in the hands of this lady.

Always happy, always smiling even when Mammy’s taking her home for nap.

While Dafne went for her beauty sleep, the boys and I hung out a little longer.

The boys discovered mussels.

And I thought them how to hit them strongly and swiftly, yet not too hard or you’ll smash them, to get them off the rocks.

When life is a beach.

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